Program Development

Do you have an idea to improve existing business performance? Do you need to design a program to help you reach improved performance? Do you need to improve or implement a credentialing program?

We can work with you as we have professionals like, accountants, bankers, lawyers and nurse-educators to develop programs designed to improve employee and membership performance by:

  • Conceptualizing /Designing programs and components
  • Defining current state, target state and delta trajectory
  • Developing logic models / program frameworks and roadmaps
  • Implementing programs

Program Evaluation

Do you need to know if an existing program is achieving its designed outcomes? Do you have to conduct an external evaluation of a program you received government funding for? Is an initiative in your organization worth the resources to operate it?

We can help you as we have helped organizations from Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 companies to community-based agencies in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors by:

  • Designing and conducting program comprehensive program evaluations
  • Needs assessments
  • Developing evaluation plans and frameworks
  • Assessing the Evaluability of programs
  • Collecting, managing, analyzing, synthesizing and making sense of data from numerous sources
  • Communicating clearly and concisely to stakeholders
  • Providing training in program evaluation design, implementation and management


Does your organization assess employee, membership or candidate performance? Do you know the qualities of a good test question? Do you know how to improve your assessments? Are your standards criterion-referenced?

We can do for you as we have done for two of Canada’s big five banks on assessments of organizational learning programs, and for professional accountants and lawyers, assisting with high-stakes credentialing programs by:

  • Designing and validating assessments and assessment programs
  • Developing competency maps and test blue prints
  • Analyzing test and item performance
  • Conducting standard-setting studies
  • Reporting to regulatory bodies

Applied Education Research

Does your organization need to know more about one of its activities, or about a particular concept or phenomena in the education/training and credentialing realm? Do you need to collect information on an initiative before you take action? Do you know how to design and validate data collection instruments?

We are able to assist you as we have provincial government Ministries and community agencies on various applied education research projects by:

  • Designing research studies
  • Developing and validating data collection instruments
  • Conducting environmental scans and literature reviews
  • Communicating actionable results for multiple audiences

Training and Workshops

Do you have needs to improve your understanding of concepts important to your employee group or organization? We use our skills as professional educators to customize training and workshops in various areas of program development and evaluation.

We will meet your training needs as we have delivered training and workshops in various environments and to various audiences on:

  • Program Evaluation (Training program evaluation, logic models)
  • Credentialing Program Development (Developing competencies/capabilities, test blueprints, items and assessments)
  • Applied Education Research (Research design; data collection, management, reporting and use)
  • Psychometrics (General psychometrics, classical test theory item analyses, and standard-setting methods)
  • Data Visualization (How to present your data for effective and efficient communication)