All projects are managed and led by our Managing Director, Dr. A. Sidiq Ali, a Credentialed Evaluator and educational measurement expert, and are supplementary resourced as required by a team of highly qualified associate consultants, including:

Mina Singh, R.N., Ph.D.
Senior Associate

Mina is a leading nurse educator with over 25 years of experience in health care and community development. She has a strong background in psychometrics, statistics, quantitative methods, and program evaluation. Mina is widely published in academic journals and presents nationally and internationally on nurse education. Mina also leads accreditation teams for national and international schools of nursing. She served on the CES-Ontario Board of Directors in 2009-2010

Cheryl Backlund, M.Ed.
Senior Associate

Cheryl has been working in the field of education/social research for over 25 years.  She specializes in qualitative research design, methods and analyses.  She is adept in collecting, synthesizing and analyzing data and for producing high-calibre written reports and presentations. She is a long-serving member of the Executive Board for the Association of Educational Researchers of Ontario, and has held the President’s position.

Marc L. Johnson, Ph.D. CE
Senior Associate

Marc is sociologist and has been consulting in research and evaluation, both in Canada and overseas. In Canada, he has worked on assignments for governments, universities, community organizations and research institutions. Internationally, he carried out assignments with UN agencies, non-governmental organizations and foreign governments. His assignments were related to language policies, media, labour, literacy, education, economic development, culture, justice, governmental services, community development, immigration, health, governance, etc. He has his own consulting firm www.socius.ca .

Anita Ram, M.A.
Associate (Intern 2010)

Anita has several years’ experience as a research assistant and data manager and brings expertise in both quantitative and qualitative analyses.  She helped us while working on her doctoral studies in the Human Development and Applied Psychology Department of OISE/UofT.  She has since graduated with her Ph.D. and is working in the research and evaluation field for a government agency.

Amanda Brijmohan, B.Sc.
Associate (Intern 2015)

Throughout her undergraduate years, Amanda has fostered a breadth of research experience within her academic and extracurricular realms. She brings with her a blend of both quantitative and qualitative research expertise which range from data collection, management, and analysis. While working for RaECon, Amanda was a student at OISE/UofT pursuing her Masters of Arts degree in Higher Education with the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education. Currently, Amanda is a PhD candidate.

Rhea Harduwar, B.Sc.
Associate (Intern 2016)

With a background in Psychology and Mental Health, Rhea’s research experience stems from both clinical and academic settings. While completing her undergraduate degree at UofT, she excelled at data analysis, and has since gone on to assist in data collection and assessment for various psychosocial studies. In addition to her work at RaECon, Rhea was pursuing her interest as a counselor in the field of mental health and addictions. She has since taken on a researcher position at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).